[NOR] Peasants are Revolting

Site: Turtle River State Park, 3084 Park Avenue Arvilla, ND 58214
Turtle River State Park is located 22 miles west of Grand Forks on Highway 2. Watch for signs to the Woodland Lodge.

Opens: 10:00am Closes 10:00pm

Site is Accessible and Discretely Damp (beer/wine - no open display. "Pour it and store it")

Site: $6.00 (Kids 6 and under free)
Feast: $8.00 Menu fit for high-class peasants. Park Vehicle Pass $5.00. Please buy at park office. Do not include with reservation.

Reservation deadline: September 19

Checks payable to: SCA Inc. - Shire of Rudivale

Lodging: We weren't able to reserve a block of cabins, but you might be able to reserve one on your own if available by contacting the park: http://www.ndparks.com/parks/TRSP.htm 701-594-4445. The park also has trailer and tent camping, and there are a number of inns in town/

Event Steward: Berwyn AEthelbryght of Ackley garwoodb@msn.com

Head Cook : Karma Al-Janna aliannjordan@gmail.com

ACTIVITIES: Besides revolting, what's there for peasants to do?

  • Rapier: Tournament of Erehwon.
  • Armored: There's space for pick-ups, and if things work out, The Battle of Sleddin' Hill
  • Other Fun: Still in the works, but perhaps Hunting the King's Deer, assorted fun and games, maybe dancing, and you can always poke a peasant. (Hey, that sounds like a dance; "Polka Peasant.")

The Tournament of Erehwon
Erehwon is a Kingdom that exists in an alternate dimension. However, this dimension is linked with ours by the Tournament of Erehwon. Upon a victor of the Tournament of Erehwon, it will come into existence in our plane from that moment until the light of the next day. The winner and his/her consort will be crowned King of Charm and Wit and Queen of Grace and Adoration of Erehwon on the spot. However, here is the kicker, the Kingdom of Erehwon has no relation to previous or future appearances of Erehwon since there in no relation of time in this dimension to Erehwon's dimension (except while it exists here). There is no regalia, retinue, award structure, or laws (short of the societies), so the visiting monarchs of Erehwon will have to create and enact all of this (with the help of their so declared retinue) while Erehwon exists here.

The format for this Rapier Tournament is a round robin with double elimination.

The visiting Monarchs of Erehwon will preside at feast (which will be provided for their Majesties). During feast, their Erehwonian Majesties will then get to open a formal court of Erehwon and declare/present any awards they have (invented) pronounced, invite retinue, decree Royal Whims and Prerogatives, and in general put on a good show.

You'll have plenty of room for feast because we're not serving lunch (peasants ran off with the cucumber sandwiches). If you're passing through Grand Forks you can pick up something there, and there's an inn in Arvilla just down the road

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Shire of Rudivale (Arvilla, North Dakota)