Videos of archers, battles and entertainers from Pennsic 37 online

THL Cetach Fitzgibbon of the Shire of Hunter's Home has posted several videos from Pennsic 37 including archery, battles and entertainers around the marketplace.

Included are:

  • Midrealm Champions Team Shooting the Clout
  • Midrealm Champions Team Shooting the Friend-Foe
  • Teribus Playing with Sensual Belly Dancer
  • Teribus Playing
  • Teribus Playing with Belly Dancers
  • Clan Tinker Breathes Fire
  • Clan Yama Kaminari's Fertility Rite
  • Man Playing Dulcimer
  • Initial Charge of the Town Battle
  • Fighting in one of the Wall Opening at the Town Battle
  • Ballistas Firing During Town Battle
  • Start of the Field Battle
  • Field Battle Fighting
  • Tuchuks Returning from Battle Victorious
  • Flags at the Bedfords
  • Cais' Amazing Porcupine Armor