Extras needed for "Soldiers of Christ"

Clint Buckner from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts in Winston-Salem is looking for a few extras for a short film he is producing. The film will be shot the weekends of November 8-10 and November 15-17, 2008.

Buckner writes:

"The specific crusade we're focusing on is the Northern Crusades. These were situated around the Baltic region and parts of Central Europe. These were also sanctioned by the pope, yet were casually waged, meant to convert and subjugate rather than retake lands. The main players in these Crusades, which lasted from 12th century to the 16th century, was the Germans, though we will show many men-at-arms participating in this war since this was common place (whether they were mercenaries or drawn to a Christian war). These other professional soldiers will include Franks, Normans, and indigenous fighters to the northern regions as well as Russians. The year our story falls is during the 12th and 13th century. This date will be narrowed down in further meetings.

The cast of extras will be around 20. That is how many costumes are being made, most being very simple since half this number or more will be corpses on the battlefield. If there are extras that have there own gear and costume then they can be cast as the victorious army, which are main characters are a part of. There will be no fighting choreography, just soldiers wandering the field, hunting for the spoils of war, and comforting or aiding a wounded or dying soldier. Some may even be executing the wounded enemy, while the priest bless them.

Real looking weapons are desired (no rattan) yet it would be better not to have anything past the 14th century. Don't worry if you don't have any weapons. We will have some one managing safety so there isn't a danger issue with realistic weapons. A variety of armor types are welcomed (no Japanese of course). Viking would be great at depicting the northern influence.


  • The dates we have available to film are Nov 8th-10th and Nov 15th-17th

  • We plan to shoot the post-battle scene in a day. I will schedule the shoot so that we shoot out the extras as soon as possible and then punch in for our key cast's c. ups. I am not sure what you think the best date would be in order to hopefully obtain as many extras as possible. We are really excited about pulling this film together and will greatly appreciate any help that you all can offer. I will do anything I can to pay you all back, including but not limited to credits."

Anyone interested - even if merely curious - is encouraged to contact the producer directly at cbuckner@pop.ncarts.edu

Clint Buckner (828) 447-1961