"His Majesty likes it! And His Majesty would like some more!" Midrealm Drinking Champions Unplugged

Our recent photos of Midrealm Coronation included a humorous skit by His [Former] Majesty Pieter's Royal Drinking Champions. It turns out that there was more to the skit than met the eye! Recently, SCAtoday.net published an article about Midrealm Coronation (http://scatoday.net/story.php?search_id=N-20030922-172505-0002). In that article, and in the photo album accompanying it, is the chronicle of a skit by His Majesty Pieter's Drinking Champions Team.

We thought that this was just a silly skit (which, in fact, it was). But there is, it turns out, another entire layer of humor beyond the obvious. THL Arrantxa Idazle Iru

Poohbah for the drinking champions!

As a Pennsic companion of these might drinking champions, I wish to applaud them from afar for their magnificent work! Poobah!

-Ana Bek, otherwise known as Chaos.