Equestrian Authorization Clinic

Rannveigr and I will be holding a free authorization/rider clinic on September 6, 2008, from 11 AM until 3 PM at Van Dee Stables in Waterford , PA.

This is not an event. However, it will be the last official practice we hold in Stormsport for the balance of 2008. Since we have paid for SCA equestrian insurance we can do authorizations. We will provide equipment for basic games and a few specialty authorizations. To a more limited degree we will be able to provide horses for those who want to authorize but don't have a horse of their own or can't trailer the distance. (We own a few ;-) ) Our horses will be provided on a first come first mounted basis. They will not be allowed to over extend themselves. This means we can accommodate about 7-8 riders before they are done for the day. Please plan accordingly. We may have a few rental horses available, I will know more about rentals as the clinic date draws closer.

The site has both an indoor and outdoor arena, so the clinic will be held rain or shine.

Rider Requirements:
We will not be providing riding lessons. Participants who wish to authorize should already know their riding basics.

You will need to bring regular(mundane)riding gear. (Riding helmets are optional for adults, unless you are borrowing a horse from us, in which case they will be mandatory.)

Minors must be at least 10 years of age and accompanied by at least one parent/legal guardian who must stay on site. (SCA requirement.) Minors who show up without their parent/legal guardian will not be allowed to ride. Notes from home appointing an adult supervisor will not be sufficient.

If you have games/mounted combat-crests/jousting weapons and gear please feel free to bring it along. All gear must conform to Aethelmearc games standards and requirements.

Horse Requirements:
The owner of the stables requires both a negative Coggins (within the 2008 calendar year) and rabies vaccinations. If you are coming from out-of-state Mike (the owner) would appreciate it if you had a vet check with a 30 day health certificate. Obviously sick horses will be turned away. The stable owner has the final word on this.

If you are planning on bringing a horse(s) please let me know how big your trailer is. We have limited parking for trailers and a "heads up" is always appreciated.

Limited pasture boarding is available for those of you who are staying overnight.*

If you'd like to come to the clinic please e-mail Alexander at duane at velocity dot net for further details.

Take care,
Alexander and Rannveigr

* The local hunt and saddle club is hosting a hunter pace the next day. Check http://www.ehsc-lhpc.org/ for details. We will be ending the clinic at 3 PM so that those of us who are interested can do a course walk. Location:
Waterford , Pennsylvania