SCA Soldier

SCA Soldiers is a volunteer-led group providing aid, comfort, and contact to the men and women serving in their countries armed forces.

From the web site:

"We are a continually-evolving group of SCA members, Rennies, and Medieval History Enthusiast who have a developed a unique and effective way to support those Military Personnel who share a like minded interest. It is our goal to send care packages & letters to deployed service members, as well as to provide care and comfort to those in stateside military and VA hospitals/facilities.

We understand that there are other military support groups out there offering aid. However, SCA Soldier is centered around not only showing support for our military friends, but also to make sure that they know that their SCA home is only a letter away. wants to make sure that all SCA military personnel can take a small break and enjoy a few minutes of their [pastime] while deployed. Sometimes it might be sending historical books or even a subscription to Tournaments Illustrated or the Renaissance magazine to overseas servicemen, or connecting deployed personnel with each other and arranging loner gear for fighters so they can swing a stick on leave; SCA Soldier is a network for all SCA members serving in their countries' armed forces.