Shava's views of Poorman's Pennsic XVI

Viscountess Elashava bas Riva, of the Kingdom of Northshield, shares her thoughts and photos of Poorman's Pennsic XVI which took place recently in the Shire of Falcon's Keep.

Shava writes:

PMP started up as an alternative to those who couldn't make it to Pennsic as well as a large demo for the Shire of Falcon's Keep. Over the years, even when it wasn't at the same time as Pennsic, it became almost an institution unto itself. It's a good time to show off what we do as well as kick back and enjoy time with friends. This year was no exception. Running into old friends that I don't see often. Meeting new ones. This is one of the few times in the year that the Equestrian folk can get out and show what they're up to. This year it was described to me as Equestrian 101 since most of the horses and quite a few of the riders were new to our version of the sport. Lots of activity on the rapier field and lots of noise on the armoured combat field drew the most attention. I saw lots of people going to and fro to archery but never visited them myself. I was really in a laid-back mood and felt comfortable sitting in the shade of a nice tree with a cool breeze getting to know some new folk from Darkstone better. But I did get out to get a few pictures.

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