Baron Sean of the South Knighted at Tir Ysgithr 30 Year

Lady Ianuk Raventhourne, Seneschal of Tir Ysgithr, recounts the tale of a surprise Knighting at the Barony's 30 Year Anniversary celebration. The following is a post to the Atenveldt and Tir Ysgithr list servers detailing one observer's experience (the seneschal) of the knighting of the Baron Sean of the South of Tir Ysgithr (mundanely Tucson, Arizona [USA]).

HE Sean South was knighted at BTY 30 year during the evening court on saturday. It was a complete surprise to everybody in court. The story from my eyes...

HM Erick was not present at the beginning of court but came "storming" in with his herald Don Simon proclaiming his strength and wrath. HM spoke that he was commanded by the knightly gentlemen behind him being: His Highness of the Sun Jonathan, Viscount Sir Justin, HG Aaron Graves, Sir Brennan, Sir Wulfure and many others. It was a bit confusing for those assembled in the court because HM sounded truly angry and the men behind him grim. He called Baron Sean to him and removed his coronet, and at that moment I knew what was happening. Sean was to be a knight! This thrilled me to my toes because my lord and I had just just received the Order of the Boar Argent from Their Excellecies of BTY, and this was the happiest thing I could think of to follow that.

HM Erick spoke eloquently that the knights assembled around him insisted that Sean be made part of their order, and the cheers could probably have been heard in the Outlands. HE Brighed was brought to stand with HM Nichelle, and the tears were flowing through many of the populace, men and women alike. The kitchen crew (Lord Edward Gostomski, Duchess Osa and Lady Cecelia in the lead with the rest trailing behind) came dashing across the park to view the ceremony and crowd in about all of the knights.

The belt was from Sir Justin, the spurs from Duke Aaron, and the chain I fear I don't remember. I was snapping photographs as fast as my camera could manage before I ran out of film during the oath. But I know others were taking pictures too. The oath was short and poignant, and Sean spoke with no waver in his voice. HE Brighed helped HM Nichelle to belt him in white and their was much cheer. And the blow that HM Erick dealt Sir Sean was powerful and sent him into the arms of his comrades. Tir Ysgithr now had a new Knight.

Those are my words through my eyes, and pictures will be out as soon as I can get them printed and scanned.

In service to the Dream and remembering this grand bit of stardust,

Lady Ianuk Raventhourne

BTY Seneschal
Order of the Boar Argent and Vert

Knighting of Sean South

May I say it was truly a glorious thing to see. A man I feel who truly as grown into it and will be a fine Atenveldt knight

The chain came from Sir Jason which was given to him by one of Sean members of his own household Kegs Inn.

Duke Aaron Atenveldt