[WES] Hastings Event

Dead on January 5, in the Year of Our Lord 1066, is Edward king, of Angles lord, his steadfast soul sent to Christ. In the kingdom of God a holy spirit! He in the world here abode awhile, in the kingly throng of council sage. Four and twenty winters wielding the sceptre freely, wealth he dispensed. Until suddenly came the bitter Death and this king so dear snatched from the earth. Angels carried his soul sincere into the light of heaven. But the prudent king had settled the realm on high-born men -on Harold himself, the noble earl; who in every season faithfully heard and obeyed his lord, in word and deed; nor gave to any what might be wanted by the nation's king.*

But lo! Others lay kingly claim to throne yet warm from saintly life - mighty Hardrada swears vengeance such as shall lay Saxon rivers red with the tears of wounds, leaving the ravens a rich Saxon feast should any oppose him as king; and William, Norman bastard, cousin to heavenbound Edward, calls upon ancient oaths naming William king as of right, spoken by the king and borne by Harold himself, who did bind himself by oath sacred upon saintly relic to bear witness to William's latent claim, and who hath thereby wrought for himself eternal damnation, may mercy find him still.

No claimant shall be denied, yet one only shall prevail. Timely violence and the changing of the world are upon us. Find sanctuary where you may, else sharpen sword, ax and spear and march! The armies land north and south – seek out the tempest if you be of stalwart heart.

Site Information
Site opens at 3:00 p.m., Friday, August 29, closes 3:00 p.m., Sunday, August 31.

Nelson's Grove
15285 County Road 99
Woodland, California 95695.

Stephen of Greenwood charny1356@yahoo.com

Price: $25/person, $40/couple, $10/child, $60/family (couple plus minor children); price includes admittance, Saturday sideboard lunch, Saturday feast, and Sunday breakfast.

Participation is limited to 200 persons, on a first-come first-served basis. Upon reaching capacity, the gate will be locked and no additional persons admitted.

Reservations may be forwarded with advance payment to the autocrat. Reservations will be held only with advance payment. Please make all checks payable to "SCA – Champclair".

Weapons and shields appropriate to 1066 only, 7 ½ foot limit, no archery. amping shall be divided into period (800-1485) and nonperiod areas.

All proceeds shall be donated to the Cartmel Priory Trust.

* Excerpted in part from the epitaph of Edward the Confessor Location:
Shire of Champclair (Woodland, California)