[GLE] Batesville Regional Practice and A&S Classes

The time has come to seek kith and kin in the Northlands! Please join us on our journey on Saturday, September 13, 2008 as we trek to the vast wilds of the north and visit our kindred souls in the village known to us as Batesville.

Around 2, at the park by the river, there will be a practice for the fighters. A place has also been reserved for A&S classes. Graciously, Lord Strazhek has agreed to teach a class on boot making.

Please notify Lord Kollskeggr as soon as you can if there is a class you would like to teach. It would be nice to have one or two more to bring to the lands of the North and share with them. I am sure a meal will be following if any would like to join us as a group and partake. Please post if you are going to be in attendance, so numbers, carpooling, and times can be worked out. Cross posting to any groups I have not already covered would be most greatly appreciated.

You may always contact me via e-mail froggie_910 AT yahoo DOT com. humbly in service...

Michelle M. Peterson AKA Froggie
Brenna O'Duibne (SCA) (pronounced oh-doon-yea)
Chatelaine and Chronicler
Proposed Shire of Guardian Forest Location:
Proposed Shire of Guardian Forest (Batesville, Arkansas)