[TRI] Harvest Raid

The year is 146O. It has been a good year and the shire harvest has been bountiful. But danger threatens. The Act of Accord has been passed by parliament naming Edward, Duke of York as the rightful heir to the thrown. Queen Margaret is marching south with her Scottish recruits determined to protect her son's interests. Her hungry army has been promised unlimited plunder and the Shire residents face starvation. Who will Protect them? Who will Defend them? The townspeople offer a great prize to the champions who step forward!

weekend $25
Feast $8.00
1 night $18
Day trip $12.00
Children under 12 free. No family charged more than 3 adult fares.

This is a discreetly wet site

Canp Greynolds
18601 NE 22nd Ave
Miami, Fl 33180

Take I-95 to Miami Gardens Drive (route 860) East. Travel 1.9 mi to NE 22nd Ave. Make a left on NE 22nd Ave. The park will be immediately on your right

http://www.sangredelsol.org/HarvestRaidWeb/Harvestraid.htm Location:
Shire of Sangre del Sol (North Miami, Florida)