[CAL] St. Augustine's Faire

St. Augustine's Faire Frolic with us in the picturesque woods of Sherwood Forest. Combat, archery, A&S, food and youth activities!

Winnebago Scout Reservation
2543 Glass Road
Marble Rock, IA

Take your best route to the Avenue of the Saints (aka Hwy 218/27/18). Turn south onto Glass Ave at Rudd (15 miles east of Mason City and 7 miles west of Charles City) and go south, away from Rudd, about 4.5 miles. Turn left onto CR-B45 (because Glass Ave turns into a gravel road here) and go east just under a mile. Turn right onto Hickory Ave and go 4.5 miles south. Turn right (west) onto Glass Road and go 1/10th mile to the scout reservation at the first bend in the road.

Site: $5 per adult. $3 for children 18 and under. $3 non-member surcharge for adults.

Feast: $7 per adult, $5 for 18 and under. (Seats for 100.)

Merchants: no merchant fee.

Robin shoots with Sir GuyStaff:
Autocrat: Lord Parmen Volchkov - parmen@heraldshill.org
Troll: Natasiia Khorokova - natasiia@heraldshill.org
Site Boss: Lady Sofya la Rus - sofya@heraldshill.org
Feast Steward: Lady Antonia Stefani - antonia@heraldshill.org
Inn: Lady Anastasia da Carrara & Lady Juliana Macnayre - juliana@heraldshill.org
Fighting: Lord Johan Berger - johan@heraldshill.org
Archery: Lord William Fletcher of Carbery - william@heraldshill.org
Chirurgeon: Lady Anastasia da Carrara - anastasia@heraldshill.org
Raffle/Kingdom Fundraiser: Lady Anna die Schatzin - anna@heraldshill.org
Youth Activities: Padraig MacDomhnail - padraig@heraldshill.org
Publicity: Lord Sifrid von Eichelborn - sifrid@heraldshill.org
A&S Coordinator: Lady Royse Meingnes - royse@heraldshill.org
Royal Liason: Lord Sifrid von Eichelborn - sifrid@heraldshill.org

http://www.heraldshill.org/Augustine/index.html Location:
Shire of Heraldshill (Marble Rock, Iowa)