[ATE] Kingdom of Atenveldt Arts & Sciences Competition

The time is rapidly approaching for you to complete those final touches on your projects and confirm your documentation for the Kingdom Arts & Sciences Competition.

The AS .xxxxiii. (2008) Competition will take place in Wickenburg, AZ, at the Wickenburg High School [WHS], on Saturday 4 October 2008 and promises to be an exciting and fun-filled day for all. In addition to the glorious displays by our talented Kingdom to enjoy and envy, there will be dancing, a chess tournament, and many other surprises to entertain you. Dancing will be taught and lead by the ever so graceful and patient Mistress Jehanne le feu du Christ. Our Chess Champion has issued a challenge to all, and there will be prizes. THL Eden Blacksmith, granted by the contributions of many generous groups of the Kingdom, will provide a sumptuous buffet luncheon. [Our gratitude!!!] And, your entertainments are most WELCOME for the pleasure of the populace—please contact the Event Steward to set a schedule.

A&S COMPETITION: All open and novice division entries for the Kingdom of A&S Sciences Competition must be pre-registered (postmarked) by 3 September 2008—a registration form is available on the Atenveldt A&S Website (click HERE for form). In addition, those with intent to become Kingdom Arts & Sciences Champion must submit a letter of intent to the Crown and to the Kingdom A&S Minister (also due by 3 September 2008). Please contact Thegn Steffan yr ysgolhaig (asmin@atenveldt.org) for clarification on any competition related matters.

Due to site restrictions, the Brewing category judging will be off site. Please contact Lady Flavia before leaving home for directions to the Brewing judging site. Entrants in any Brewing subcategories must drop off entries at the designated judging site before arriving on the WHS campus. Wickenburg High School is a DRY site. There will be no smoking on the site. Only assistance animals are permitted and must be leashed at all times. Weapons are not allowed on site except those used as part of Kingdom regalia or specifically as Competition entries.

SCHEDULE: The troll and entry registration will open at 8:00 AM. A court is expected mid-morning, and entry registration will close at that time. Lunch will be served from approximately 11:00 AM–1:00 PM. TRM have indicated that peer circles might happen sometime during the day, at Their pleasure. Populace viewing of the entries will be possible mid- to late afternoon. The site closes at 6:30 PM.

LUNCHEON: Generous groups in the Kingdom have contributed toward a FREE LUNCH just for you! A varied luncheon will be provided from 11:00 AM&NDASH1:00 PM (separate foods for the judges will be presented in the judges’ lunchroom). Lists of ingredients will be available on site. We will have a diverse mix of once-in-a-lifetime offerings (read as, “Many different items in small amounts—visit often…”)! Cookies!, Cookies!, Cookies! Please bring cookies. Homemade or purchased, it is our dream to have a flood of cookies! (Other desserts will not be looked on with disfavor—hint, hint, nudge, nudge.)

DIRECTIONS: Wickenburg High School is located at 1090 S. Vulture Mine Road, Wickenburg, AZ 85390

From Phoenix: You will be coming in to Wickenburg on Hwy 60 (Grand Ave). This is a 4-lane highway. When you see Burger King, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and Taco Bell, you need to get in the left lane because the right lane will turn off in ½ mile to go to Las Vegas. DO NOT go toward Las Vegas. Continue straight through the first stoplight and under the railroad tracks bridge to the second stoplight—about 1 mile away. Continue for about 1½ miles to the third stoplight and turn left (south) onto Vulture Mine Road (Safeway will be on your left at this stoplight). Go south on Vulture Mine Road for about ½ mile. Vulture Peak Middle School will be on your right, DO NOT TURN HERE; instead, continue approximately 100 yards to the entrance gate with a lighted sign to Wickenburg High School on your right. Turn right and follow the drive to the parking areas.

SITE FEE: Adults with proof of SCA membership: $10.00. Adults without proof of SCA membership: $13.00. Youth (17 years and under): Free.

ABOUT WICKENBURG: Wickenburg is about 30 minutes from Bell Road and Grand Avenues in Phoenix. And to bring calm assurance to those of you with concerns, we do have paved roads, running water, electricity, phone service, air conditioning, a hospital with emergence care facilities, a number of fast-food restaurants, as well as a number of fine dining establishments (and, it has been quite a number of years since we have been attacked by wild natives).

We welcome your questions about the event site and activities, and look forward to your visit. Best wishes on your entries! For more information concerning the Atenveldt A&S Competition, please contact the appropriate event steward(s):
Event Steward: Lady Flavia Elena Glamorgan
A&S Competition Steward: Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences, Thegn Steffan yr ysgolhaig asmin@atenveldt.com.
Luncheon Buffet Steward:THL Eden Blacksmith edenblacksmith@yahoo.com.
Deputy Steward for the Brewing Competition: Lord Mitsuhide Shinjiro “Reoga”

http://arts.atenveldt.org/ASEvents/AtenveldtKingdomASCompetition.aspx Location:
Kingdom of Atenveldt (Wickenburg, Arizona)