[ATL] Tourney of Diamonds II - CANCELLED

The time is upon us again for the great warriors of Atlantia to become familiar with our vast coastlines. Renew your spirit listening to the clashing of steal; renew your soul listening to the lapping sea upon the shore. Make your presence known! Allow your heraldic display to be seen by our enemies across the sea to warn them of the now well guarded Atlantian shores. Bring your small ones so they begin their training! Remember your tankards and drums, for upon the setting of the sun grand merry making shall commence.

Martial Activities: Will include sea themed combat scenarios for heavy fighters and for the youth combatants.

Arts & Sciences: There are several A&S competitions scheduled throughout the day; prizes will be awarded during court. Children are encouraged to submit to any of the A&S competitions. No documentation is required for children. Topics will include:

Best Heraldic Display: Banners, pendants or tents! All displays will be placed throughout the site to be judged. These will also aid us in providing a period feel for the site. Even if you do not wish to enter the contest please consider bringing your banners and other displays. Your efforts will be greatly appreciated.

Skill Learned within the last year: Documentation recommended.

What creative thing can you make with two hours and duct tape?

Seafaring/pirate theme open A&S ? Documentation required.

Bardic: Children's-Open theme. Adult-Inspirational sea song or battle song. Bardic circle after feast to be located at main site fire.

Children's Activities: Youth Combat and children?s activities are in the works! Please visit the website for additional information coming soon.

Cost: $5 site pre-reg $6 at Gate. $20 family site fee cap. $7 feast

Site: Point South KOA, Exit 33 on I-95 and U.S. 17, Point South, SC. This is a primitive island site. Showers and stone privies are not far away on the mainland. Gate opens at 5pm on the 12th and will remain open until 11pm. Gate reopens on the 13th at 8:00am till noon.

Site Restrictions: This is a WET site, please use period containers. Fires are allowed only in portable fire pits, absolutely no on ground fires. No swimming permitted as there is a small alligator in the waters. No animals.

Feast: A wonderful feast is being planned by THL Brian de Barri and Lord Tauron Sanglier. Please direct allergy concerns to THL Brian de Barri at debarri@hargray.com

Merchants: Merchants are welcome; please provide your own tents and tables. If you have any questions please contact Lady Shae of the Lyre at seneschal@scabeaufort.com

Website: www.scabeaufort.com

Autocrat: Lady Shae of the Lyre seneschal@scabeaufort.com

Reservations: Lady Cecilia La Feconda exchequer@scabeaufort.com

Directions: Take I-95 to exit 33 (US 17) towards Beaufort and Charleston. Make the first right immediately upon exiting between the Denny?s and the Huddle House. Make a right at the stop sign towards the KOA camp ground. The parking lot for the site will be on your left. Please be on the look out for the SCA signs that will be posted.

Additional Notes: There are many hotels and restaurants close by. The KOA camp is offering a discount to SCA members who wish to rent their cabins. Please visit www.point-south.com for more information. Location:
Incipient Canton des Iles des Diamants (Point South, South Carolina)