[ATL] Hidden Mountain 25th Birthday Celebration

The year was Anno Societatis 18. His most noble and Gracious Majesty, King Olaf Askoldsson was traveling the southern reaches of his Kingdom, and came upon a Mountain, Hidden at the southern tip of Atlantia. King Olaf found the people there to be good, strong, and wise. He and his beautiful Queen Aislinn Schattenwald saw fit to charter a Barony in these southern lands, and was inspired to named it for the mountain he had found. He ordered the populace to choose leaders for their new Barony, and with His Blessing, Eldon Ungol of the Phoenix and Marie-Simone de Barjavel la Fildena became the first Baron and Baroness of these new lands. Then, as the night fell, the Mountain became Hidden once more, only to reappear once a year, to celebrate her recognition and the work by these fine people, and all who have followed.

The year is now Anno Societatis 43 and the Hidden Mountain will be visible again, for one glorious weekend, hearkening back to the past 25 years of service to Atlantia, and her own people. Come join us, as we welcome back Duke Olaf, Duchess Simone, Sir Eldon, and many others who have made the Mountain possible for the last 25 years.

Dates: March 27-29 2009
Site: Camp York, Kings Mountain, South Carolina

Activities planned:

  • Heavy: Four fields will be sponsored by past Barons and Baronesses of Hidden Mountain with their rules of Choice. Each field will have it?s own champion for the day. Their Excellencies of Hidden Mountain will also choose their new Baronial Champion. Who will it be?

  • Rapier: A rapier tournament will be sponsored, rules of choice again will go to the sponsoring Baron and Baroness.

  • Youth Combat: Youth Combat classes, authorizations and fighting will be sponsored by a Baron and Baroness as well.

  • Equestrian: Equestrian activities are being planned! Our wonderful Atlantian Calvary will be on hand to show off their skills and battle to see who will be the best of the best!

  • Children's Activities: Baron Luqman al-Maghrebiand Lady Cecilia la Feconda are planning activities for the youth of Atlantia that will not interfere with Youth Combat. Children five and under must have a parent present during children's activities.

  • Taverns: Due to the distance many will travel for this celebration we will have a breakfast tavern on Saturday morning hosted by the Canton des Ilse des Diamants and a lunch tavern Saturday afternoon sponsored by the Incipient Canton of Leviathan?s Cove.

  • Gaming: A gaming hall will coincide with our taverns. Many period games will be on hand for gentles to enjoy. Gentles will be on hand to explain rules of the games and aid when needed.

  • Arts and Sciences Competitions:? Baroness Rowen the Shiftless is in the mist of planning several competitions that will coincide with the theme of our event. More information on these competitions will be available as we grow closer to the time.

  • Classes: Many classes surrounding the arts and sciences are being scheduled. If you would like to teach a class please contact one of the autocrats directly.

  • Feast: Feast will be a journey through 25 years of Hidden Mountain?s favorite foods. Lady Tegan de Moreton will have several special guest cooks within her kitchen to prepare their signature dishes. She is also looking for recipes and stories of Hidden Mountain feasts past, things you would like to see again. She's planning on putting them together (the hits and misses) into a booklet for all to enjoy. But she needs your help. If you have been to a Mountain Feast in the last 25 years, (And if you haven?t you?ve missed out), send her your favorite dish, and the story behind what made it memorable. (Make sure you send her your food allergies as well!!!!) This wonderful feast is being sponsored by the Canton of Tear Sea?s Shore as a fundraiser for the Baronial Coffers!

  • Entertainment: Kumpania Painted Wheel has agreed to provide all of the entertainment during feast! If you have never had the opportunity to see these folks perform you have missed out on one of life?s greatest pleasures!

  • Grand Masquerade Ball: Following feast the Barony of Hidden Mountain will sponsor a masked ball to celebrate 25 years of standing strong. Baron William Welwyn, Baroness Julian Hungerfordand Lord Geldamar le farceur will work together to instruct period dancing and provide period music. So, make sure you pack those Elizabethans ladies! We?re giving everyone an excuse to pull out their 12th night clothing twice in one year! And don?t forget yours masks!

There is cabin space available for 100 people. No tent camping is allowed. However, period pavilions will be allowed on the fighting field. Camp York is a discretely wet site, please use period containers.

Cap'n BlackJack Flint qm_blackjack_flint@yahoo.com
Lady Shae of the Lyre (Stephanie Shelton-Morgan) seneschal@scabeaufort.com

Feast Steward: Lady Tegan de Moreton Location:
Barony of Hidden Mountain (Kings Mountain, South Carolina)