The passing of Mikal the Ram

As posted by Master Eadweard Boicewright to the Calontir E-mail list on Monday, August 18, 2008.

Draw the children close and speak to them softly. Hold them tight, dry their tears as well as your own.

This day there is one less empty bench in Bragi's Hall. Master Mikal Hrafspa, (Mikal the Ram) who referred to himself as an annoying Bard with no redeeming qualities, has taken to the Swan Road one last time.

At 2:15 18 August 2008 he was welcomed into the famed hall of the Skalds and offered his rightful seat near the fire to rest his body for ever more. There his horn will never be empty of mead. His feet never weary from fire walking. Where he can tell tales and sing songs to his hearts content.

His only regret may be that he will never again be able to tell a King that he must turn down a royal invitation and go off to tell tales to the most important people of Calontir, the children. And that the cries and clamor to hear Uncle Master Mikal will be heard no more.

Though the wails of mourning can be heard in his house, His pyre is being prepared. The Oracles are being consulted for the proper time and place. When this is divined, word will be sent forth for those wishing to Honor him.

Roust the Heralds and send them forth to spread this sad news through out the Kingdom and Known World.

With bowed head and heavy heart I post this notice;
Master Eadweard Boicewright