Message from the editor of the "Compleat Anachronist"

Rae L. Hadley, Editor, The Compleat Anachronist has announced that missing pages from Compleat Anachronist, #137: "Hygiene of the Middle Ages and Renaissance: Volume 2 - Domestic Arrangements" by Jeniffer Heise are scheduled to be mailed to subscribers.

Rae L. Hadley writes:

Many of our subscribers have received the recently released issue of The Compleat Anachronist, #137: Hygiene of the Middle Ages and Renaissance: Volume 2 - Domestic Arrangements, by Jeniffer Heise.

Due to an error during production, the last four pages of the manuscript were inadvertently dropped. The missing pages have been printed, and the errata is being sent out with CA #138, which is due to be mailed shortly. I hope you have enjoyed this issue despite the missing pages and apologize for the inconvenience and confusion this error has caused.

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Rae L. Hadley
Editor, The Compleat Anachronist

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