"Forbidden Pennsic" charms lords and ladies at Pennsic 37

The Known World Players brought Pennsic 37 to a humorous end with the premier performance of "Forbidden Pennsic", an original musical comedy based on the annual "Forbidden Broadway" from the modern world.

The story of a newcomer to the SCA accompanying his girlfriend to Pennsic -- as his very first event -- frames the plot of "Forbidden Pennsic." Our hero's adventures are told with gentle humor in filked versions of popular Broadway songs. Characters don colored duct tape squares on their foreheads to indicate their allegiance, argue over garb authenticity, sample Pennsic night life, and bring us a good laugh at the expense of some of Pennsic's most cherished customs and institutions.

The Known World Players are the same inter-kingdom theatre company who at Pennsic 36 presented plays from the Wakefield Cycle, a period religious drama. "Forbidden Pennsic", as an original production, represents new ground for the company, and they executed well, especially considering the short time period available for staging and rehearsal. The cast blended well as an ensemble, and the production was lively, well-paced, and most of all, very funny.

The "original article" link below goes to a photo album by SCAtoday.net's Justinos Tekton (with one photo by Milica of Varna); the album's pages also cross-link to another album by Lady Catriona nic Elphinstone called Ceit.

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Forbidden Pennsic -- the DVD

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-Shlomo Korobeinik, Chief Instigator, Forbidden Pennsic.