Pennsic 37 aviculture class available as podcast

Biya Sama Fujin (Lady Biya), guildmistress and founder of the Known World Avilculturists (formerly the Company of Medieval Aviculturists), is pleased to announce the first of her aviculture classes available in podcast format for those who cannot attend them in person at East Kingdom University.

Recorded August 2nd, 2008 for presentation during War Week of Pennsic 37, the podcast serves as a substitute for the Pennsic U class Lady Biya would have taught on-site at Pennsic 37, hence the title, "Pennsic 37 Pennsic U."

Biya Sama teaches three classes at present. This class is part of "Survey of Medieval Parrots." Her other classes are "Falconry versus Aviculture" and "More than Mimics."

The aviculture class is at the "original article" link below, or listen to all of Lady Biya's podcasts at

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