[ANS] Steppes Artisan

The Barony of the Steppes is proud to present our Artisan event on August 16th, in which Steppes will host not one, not two, but three yes three Arts and Sciences Competitions.

The premier is for our titled Artisan of the Steppes, and is a body of work competition. The second is for anyone that has not ever won a competition title from any Barony, Shire or Canton; single entry only with limited documentation. Lastly, the children of Ansteorra (ages 5-12) are invited to display as many pieces as they like at Artisan in the following categories: What you wear, what you eat, and what you use. Details are available on the Steppes Artisan website at http://steppes.ansteorra.org/artisan/moc.php .

Site will open at 9 A.M. Judging will begin at 10:30, or immediately following morning court. Entrants are asked to please contact me ahead of time so I can arrange table space. Most especially, if you plan on displaying alcohol I will need to hear from you. Site will close at 8 P.M.

Life Fellowship
600 S. Jupiter
Allen, Tx 75002

Site fees are:
$10.00 per adult, $5.00 per child 5-17, Children 4 & under are free. Family Max $30.00 (Family to include parents & dependent children only) $3.00 surcharge per person without proof of membership. Please make checks payable to: SCA, INC. Barony of the Steppes

No pets (service animals only).

Please keep in mind that we will not be serving a feast so a lunch break will be scheduled.

For site directions and further information please see http://steppes.ansteorra.org/artisan/ Location:
Barony of the Steppes (Allen, Texas)