[GLE] Knight's Academy

Join Shire of Dragoun's Weal as we once again host an event dedicated to the Chivalric virtues of Honor and Courtesy as well as the Art of Armored Combat.

Knight's Academy is dedicated to help teach the Chivalric Code not just to fighters but to the entire populace. This year we will have TWO FULL DAYS of Classes and Fighting! Open panel discussions on the Knightly Virtues along with a Open Panel for all.

Three Peerages. Saturday will be full of the pursuit of Knightly Virtues, and fighting. The Knightly Challenge Tournament Returns so bring your best to challenge the Knights at their Best! Sunday is dedicated to more Discussion and more classes both A&S and Martial. Both days will be topped off with feast by THL Magdelena. In honor of Labor Day weekend. The Pool will be open!

Where: WOW Site in Hattiesburg MS
When: 29 Aug -1 Sep 2008

Autocrat: Count Sir Aengus Mac Owein
Reservation: Countess Meaghan Arsmith Mka
Feastocrat: THL Magdelena

Send Reservations to:
Shire Dragoun's Weals, SCA Inc.
1005 Paulding Rd
Ellisville MS 39437

Tentative Schedule:

Friday Night: Open discussion on Knightly Virtues

9:00 Armor Inspection
10:00 Knight's Challenge
12:00 Fundraiser Lunch
1:00 Classes
Court: TBD
FEAST; After Court

8:00 Meet the Peer Discussion and Answer Panel
11:00 DogBall!! Bring the Pain
12:00 Fundraiser Lunch
2:00 A&S and Fighting Classes
Court at Their Majesty's discretion
Feast: After Court Location:
Shire of Dragoun's Weal (Hattiesburg Mississippi)