Amon Amarth Viking video contest

In your heart are you a Viking? Here's your chance to prove it to the world. The heavy metal group is sponsoring a Viking video contest in which entrants are encouraged to "Create a video of yourself and your friends inspired by Viking lore!" Caution: No raping, pillaging or burning of churches allowed!

The contest rules:

"The rules: Create a video of yourself and your friends inspired by Viking lore! This is open for interpretation and is vague on purpose; nothing (legal) is off limits, so raping, pillaging, and burning down churches are strictly prohibited. Remember, this is a contest based on using your imagination and not reality, so don’t hurt any person, place or thing and please read and comply with the real legal mumbo jumbo down below.* The video may be no longer than 1 minute in length, and should be submitted via the Amon Amarth Viking Video Contest page at MetalInjection."
The winner will receive the entire Amon Amarth Metal Blade catalog on CD, including the three-disc DVD set Wrath of the Norsemen. Last day to enter is Monday, September 1st, and winners will be chosen the following week. HAVE FUN! Viking horns up!