[MER] Beggar's Rebellion

Return with the Shire of An Dun Theine to the days of yore, with Borton-on-Water and Sodbury in bitter competition once again. This is an event where all titles and regalia will be left behind. We're serious. And you probably will get dirty. We're very serious.

We will have misting stations set up to aid in the the comfort of the populace.

An Dun Theine is proud to celebrate the elevation of THLady Theodosia Ouranos to the order of the Pelican during court at this event. Her vigil will begin at 2:00 PM or at Their Majesties pleasure.

Heavy fighters will be kept busy! Friday they will have a tourney by torchlight. Saturday there will be a peasant weapons tournament (no "traditional" weapons), a two-man/three-legged tournament ("florentine", with one person fighting righty and the other fighting lefty), and a Red Rover tournament.

All adults are welcome to partake in our boffer battles: a Marco Polo tournament and the hoppity-hop jousting. Those without fighter's authorization cards must sign a waiver before competing in these games. We're very, very serious.

Fencers will also have tournaments: A two-man/three legged tournament, a "peasant parry weapons" tournament, and a Marco Polo boffer tournament.

We will be having an "Operation" archery shoot. (Yes, like the game.) Different spots on a peasant's body will be worth different numbers of points. (No, not a real peasant -- they won't hold still.)

Other peasant games will include a scavenger hunt, an egg toss and a Slip & Slide for distance. (We told you you'd get dirty.)

There will be a mud pie and dirt cake dessert contest. Winners will be determined by populace choice during or after lunch. (This is for the real desserts, not dirt-and-rocks facsimilies.) You must bring the completed dish, as there is no space onsite for non-event staff to prepare food. Anyone participating in the dessert contest must bring their entries in a cooler and keep their dessert cold until around 1:00 (lunch) on Saturday. All entries must have an ingredient list.

We will also have an Iron Peasant Garb competition. Pre-registration to participate is NOT required, you can sign up at the event. Entrants must provide their own scissors, needles, thread, and duct tape. We'll provide the fabric. Seams must be done by hand or with duct tape. Competitors must also write up a desciption of their creation, to be read during the fashion show during feast. (Entrants must provide a model.) Winner is by populace choice.

As always we will have our "Most Peasanty Peasant" contest for the best -- or rather worst -- dressed beggar at the event.

And if all that wasn't enough, we're also having a Beggars Yard Sale! Everyone is welcome to participate. You bring the items and we will monitor them and collect the money for you while you enjoy the event. All items must be labeled what the item is, the amount (yardage or item count) if applicable, content (linen fabric, brass buttons, stainless steel gauntlets, etc), the seller's mundane and SCA names, and the sale price. Sellers must also provide an envelope with their mundane name on it. Because the sellers will not be with the items at all times, we cannot permit haggling. All money made by the selling of the items will go back to the original owners, unless they choose otherwise. Items must be picked up prior to feast Saturday night.

There will be lots of prizes. Lots.

5:00 p.m. -- site/troll opens

Traveler's fare, breakfast, and feast are all included in the on- board prices.

Lady Nuala, our Traveler's fare-crat, will serve up a build-your-own cold pasta salad bar with various meats and veggies, multigrain crackers, assorted cookies, lemonade, and water. (We ate this at Border Raids and it rocked!) We'll also make PEEPs s'mores on Friday night

Lady Nuala, also our breakfastcrat, is planning King Cake (in celebration of Muddy Gras), biscuits, sausage, bacon, melon, grapes, juice, and coffee.

THL Dugal the Red Giant of Glenheather is preparing a fundraiser lunch. $4.00 per person will get you Rat on a Stick (ground beef kabobs), grilled flatbread, German potato salad, carrot apple slaw, cookies, and lemonade or water. Funds raised will be donated to the Gulf Wars Meridian gate project.

Lord Robert de Reims is working on a wonderful not-hot feast. The cut-off is 96, and there will be a belching contest immediately after dinner. Dietary concerns must be addressed to the feastcrat; all other concerns should be sent to the autocrat.

Sound like fun? Come join us!

Weekend on-board: $20.00
Weekend off-board: $15.00
Daytrip on-board: $15.00
Daytrip off-board: $10.00
Children 5 - 12: half price
Children under five: free
Non-members add $3.00
Vendors are welcome at no extra charge.

Make checks payable to: SCA, Inc/Shire of An Dun Theine Per Kingdom Law: No family shall pay a site fee higher than 3 adult member prices for admission to an event as long as the children are 15 years of age or younger and they are all members

Site opens 5:00 pm Friday, Site closes 11:00 am Sunday Be aware that the site has its own set of rules and all attendees must sign a SITE waiver that is separate and additional to the SCA waivers.

Lady Ailleagan nas Seolta

Lord Robert de Reims
kalla@tripoint.org Location:
Shire of An Dun Theine (Columbia, Tennessee)