Chivalry as a Babe Magnet

MSN: An article by Alan Goldsher for MSN finds that women still believe chivalrous behavior an asset. Despite the advances of the Women's Movement, women still seem to find polite behavior attractive in men. In an article for MSN, Alan Goldsher writes that women want their men to be polite and that being a gentleman is far from old-fashioned in the eyes of most ladies.

"I didn't even notice until recently, but Ray always walks on the inside of the sidewalk - the side closest to the street. Once I realized that, well, it kind of impressed me."
- Jessica L., Springfield, Mo.

Such behavior as this, or opening doors, is still considered polite by women. To read more about what women think of as good manners, visit the website. Another source of discussion on this topic is Chivalry Today, edited by Scott Farrell, at .