Pennsic A&S Exhibition returns to War

Conde Fernando Rodriguez de Falcon reports that once again a company of artisans will be setting up active Arts and Sciences demonstrations in the middle of the merchant area at the Pennsic War.

His Excellency writes:


For the last three years at Pennsic a company of artisans has set up an active Arts and Sciences demonstration in the middle of the merchant area. We've not just shown off the fruits of our crafts, but we've brought out our tools and materials and set to work right there - where people simply passing by could see the projects in progress, ask questions, and perhaps decide that one or more of these was something they could try.

We've had weavers and woodworkers, musicians and metalworkers, carvers and casters, potters and, well you get the idea.

We've been so pleased with its reception that we're doing it again on the final Thursday and Friday afternoons (weather and conditions allowing).

If you would just like to stop buy and check out a sampling of crafts in progress - look for us in the upper merchant area from about 2 to 5 pm.

If you are interested in more details, or in pictures and descriptions of the Pennsic Exhibition in the past, you can find them by clicking on "original article" below.

I hope to see you there.

Conde Fernando Rodriguez de Falcon