Sorrowful news from An Tir

The saddest news that can be written: In the small hours of July 20th, while attending An Tir July Coronation, The Honorable Lord Ciaran Cluana Ferta suffered a massive heart attack and passed away from us.

A long-time member of the SCA, Ciaran was active in many areas. He held a Dragon's Tear and a Dragon's Scale from the Shire of Dragon's Mist; two Golden Torcs from the Barony of Three Mountains; and a Silver Seastar and a Seamair from the Barony of Stromgard; he was a member of the Orders of the Jambe de Leon (for arts) and the Goutte de Sange (for service), a Magister of the University of Ithra, and most recently was awarded the Sable Chime for his long record of accomplishment in music.

He served in many official capacities, as Seneschal, Exchequer, and branch and Kingdom Herald; he was noted for his willingness to teach, his fine singing voice, and his abilities (and volume) as a voice herald, and for his love (in no particular order) of music, heraldry, and Truly Rotten Puns.

Our hearts mourn with his dearly loved lady, Dame Giuliana Benevogli, and his family, students, and many, many friends. It is some small consolation to know that he did not suffer, and that he was with people that he loved. Fare well, Ciaran, and good journeys.