[WES] Warders of the Western Gate

The Barony of Fontaine dans Sable is seeking their newest Vert Warder for the upcoming Warders of the Western Gate, August 29th - Sept 1st. This year's Warders event will be held at the Elks Campground, Navajo Lake.

For more information, visit the web site at: http://www.fontainesca.org/warders08/index.jsp

The Vert Warder carries a great deal of honor and esteem, holding the Barony's favor for one year, serving on Baronial Retinue, and holding the next year's Vert Warder Competition.

This year's competition, sponsored by Vert Warder Lady Anna Katherine von Teltge, will be held Saturday August 30th.

This year we are also going to try something new in the area of judging. Shadow judging!!!! If you have always wanted to learn a bit about what it takes to judge A&S entries but aren't ready quite yet to judge, please email Fontaine's A&S Officer Lady Isabella at isabellaambrosini@msn.com and let her know.

Rules of engagement are:

  • Pre-registration is requested by August 10th. Your project doesn't have to be finished by then, just your intent. Please send me your SCA name, mundane name, along with a brief description of your item, including Division and Category according to Kingdom standards, to; anna@cedarsnowstudio.com We are going to try to have judges that appreciate your field.

  • Documentation should answer the questions; who, what, when, where, why, and how. You may do this in any format you choose (poster, 3x5 cards or research paper.)

  • There is no theme this year so all artisans should give it a shot.

  • Only finished projects will be eligible for competition. Works in progress are welcome for display.

  • Entries will be taken on site between 9 and 10am Saturday August 30th.

  • Judging will begin at 10am.

  • You may enter more than one item but they must be in different categories.

If you have any questions about the Vert Warder Competition, please contact me at anna@cedarsnowstudio.com Location:
Barony of Fontaine dans Sable (Navajo Lake, California)