[WES] 25th Annual Protectorate Tournament

Fighters, let your consorts inspire your to greater valor and chivalry, all to make them this year's Lady ( or Laddie! ) of Love and Beauty! This year's Protectorate Tourney is only open to local fighters, but the Prize Tourney is open to all. There will also be a Rapier Tourney. All Protectorate entrants must have their consorts present to be eligible, per Crown Tournament Rules.

What: 25th Annual Protectorate Tournament
Where: Waller Park, 300 Godwin Road, Santa Maria, CA /Barony of Tarnmist, Canton of Borderwinds
Date/Time: August 9, 2008 / 10 AM to Dusk

Site Fee: $2.00 member/ $5.00 non. Children are free, but must be under an adult's supervision at all times.

The Canton will provide bread and charcoal for the potluck BBQ after the fighting; if you wish to participate, bring your favorite BBQ item, and dishes to share as follows:

  • A-H: Salads or veggies;
  • I-P: side or main dishes;
  • Q-Z: desserts.
If you have a specialty dish you'd like to bring instead, please email the autocrat.

Contests: Most Chivalrous Act/Fighter; Best or most amusing Death; Best/Most Impressive/Amusing Mourning; Best Chocolate Goody- please, NO coconut ingredients!- as well as the annual Tarnmist Bardic Competition, piece to be determined on site as in previous years.

Autocrat: Jena Whitehart- originalzaena@yahoo.com

From the north: Take your best route to HWY 101 to Santa Maria. Take the Betteravia Exit, turn right (west), and **proceed to S. Broadway ( 4th light); turn left (south). Proceed south to Waller Lane, turn right (west), then immediate left (south) onto Frontage Road. Entrance to the Park will be first right ( west) turn. Proceed down the road; take the first right ( north) turn into the parking lot, and the event will be at the extreme west end ( look for the usual ). From the South: Take your best route to HWY 101 to Santa Maria; take the Betteravia Exit, and turn LEFT ( west). Follow from **. Location:
Canton of Borderwinds (Santa Maria, California)