Shava's photos from Warriors and Warlords 2008

Viscountess Elashava bas Riva of the Kingdom of Northshield reports on her visit to the recent Warriors and Warlords event, and shares her photos along with those of Thora, Cadwallon, and Erilar.

Shava writes:

Well, I certainly wasn't as timely as I usually am after an event. But then again, I wasn't as out and about taking pictures as I usually am at events. Maybe that's why I dragged my feet editing my way through the pictures. The only way that I'll get a full view of the whole event is to look at other people's pictures. Since I was a little involved in a few aspects of the event, I really didn't get out and about as much as I wished I could have. I know I kept on saying "I really should get out and take the camera around but..."

So, where did I take my camera. Well, I got to see the Nordskogen Theatre Troupe perform "The Eel Pie and the Cheese Tart; attended the Joint Baronial Court and saw many good gentles recognized; was a Bad Baroness for the Bad Bad Baroness Torchlight Tourney; enjoyed the Northshield Choir's rehearsal and performance; and attended Northshield's Royal Court where many more good gentles were recognized for their talents and abilities--in particular, THL Lancelot von Windhaven placed on vigil for the Pelican (elevation to happen on Wednesday of war week at Pennsic) And that's what I got pictures of.

My view can be seen by clicking "original article" below (along with pictures by Thora, Cadwallon, and Erilar).

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