[EAL] Baron's Howe XVI

If you like to fight, this is the place you should be. Three days of fighting, free or a donation. Evenings filled with camp fires, gentle sounds of nature as she sooths you to sleep, or you can grab a free beer from the Brennisteinn Vatn encampment, sit and have a great time talking to us.

Baron's Howe is 16 years old, and we ask that all the Fighters come and celebrate with us.

But I'm not a fighter!
We still need you to come and help us make this site better. You can enjoy the natural location, site is very primitive and once you get settled, you are transported to a medieval times. There have been numerous ongoing projects; stone carving, building of the Mead Hall, Norse metal Forge, planning of the Tudor Hut, and your imagination.

You are an important part of this ongoing Medieval event!

Thursday Afternoon: Site officially opens 2pm.

Friday: Aug 29
Archery - see the site details
Torchlight Melee, starts upon darkness fall.

Saturday: Aug. 30
Archery - see the site details
Fighting, starting around Noon: 12th century tournament in the woods followed by Fort battles at Castle Mallory.

August 30th: A&S Forum, Starting 30 minutes after Fighting Ends, about 4:30pm @ Meadhall.

Royal Court of Their Magesties Sir Aaron & Lady Rustique, 6pm

In the Shires Corner: Saturday Night Northern Social - Norse Luau where everyone gets leid. Everyone welcome! Great People, free beer for those of legal drinking age.)

Sunday: Aug 31
Archery - see the site details
Fighting, starting around Noon: Tournament in the lists
Sunday Night Pot-Luck and Bardic evening at the Meadhall

Being a part of a Tradition that is heading into two decades. We regret that there will be no equestrian activities this year

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Shire of". Brennisteinvatn (Bonfield, Ontario)