Living in Style at Pennsic

Want something a little more substantial than a dome tent for Pennsic? Consider a Moorish cottage complete with timbered ceiling and loft. She'erah has a cottage fit for a queen - at least by Pennsic standards. The 10th century Moorish structure was constructed in 2000 and is stored year-round at Cooper's Lake. Delivered by truck, She'erah refers to the cottage as the "little house on the flatbed."

To view interior and exterior photos of the structure, click above. Note: the photos are large and will take some time to download.

Moorish Cottage - Future Plans Soffits


Having read the description and tale of your humble abode I am quite impressed.

There is mention of installing wooden soffits at some future point in the process. One word of caution from a roofing consultant. Part of the reason that you have the "air conditioning" is the air space between the tops of the walls and the roof. I would suggest providing ventilation holes in the soffit or just providing screens over the existing air space.

Gaelan Sometimes known as Jeremiah Edwards, PE