Re-enacting medieval cavalry with Henrik Olsgaard

Finnvarr has posted an "account of Duke Henrik of Havn's participation in the reenactments at Hastings in 2000/2006" on his blog. The article discusses re-enacting the medieval cavalry.

In the article, Henrik writes:

At Hastings 2006 I saw one of my cavalry companions charge the Saxon shield wall on his well trained horse and it hit full force at a gallop with its chin way in the air so its chest slammed into the shield and knocked over several people, who were quite surprised and pissed off that it happened. The rider told me later he thought he had the go-ahead from the line of Saxons, to charge it, and he'd worked hard to train his horse to charge a shield wall, well before the reenactment. It was a joy to see, but not to experience being hit. A couple of the downed Saxons got bloodied by it, I was told.