Thatsa Mare in Northshield

Viscountess Elashava bas Riva shares photos and memories from Thatsa Mare XIII which took place June 28, 2008 in the Kingdom of Northshield.

Her Excellency writes

Well, it took me a while but my pictures from Thatsa Mare XIII from last weekend are finally posted in the Unofficial Northshield Gallery along with pictures by Lord Caius, Seneschal of Mare Amethystinum. We saw quite a bit of rain along with intermittent not rain but it was still a pleasant day and I'm glad for the chance to get up there again. For those that haven't gone up to Mare Amethystinum, you've missed the opportunity to travel through some of the nicest terrain in all of the Kingdom.

Her Royal Highness, AEsa, and I journeyed much of the day on Friday and Sunday to have the opportunity to stay at the manor house of Baroness Christiana and Lord Robert. The hospitality was wonderful and welcome after many hours on the road. From breakfast at the Bowl & Bread for Gruel and Unusual Nourishment through a pleasant time to sit and catch up with old and new friends through Lord Gauwyn & Lady Caintigern sharing their lunch with us through watching fighers from Darkstone, Inner Sea, Nordskogen, and Mare Amethystinum through the Highland Games (how many Royals in the Knowne World have you seen throw a caber) through a wonderful potluck feast spread out for all, it was a lovely day to spite the rain. Everyone had a good time being close under the cover from the rain so we could tell stories and sing songs.

My view of the event as well as many pictures by Lord Caius can be found by clicking "original article" below.

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