[ANT] Archery Academy and Ithra

Join us in the country. Camp on soft grass under trees, observe the ducks on the lake, watch banners flutter in the breeze, and hear the sound of arrows coursing through the air as we turn our attentions to the honorable and celebrated discipline of archery -- the sport of monarchs and tool of war and recreation.

This teaching event has classes for the Archer, Bowyer and Fletcher. There are also Ithra Core and other unique classes. Participate in activities such as archery novelty shoots and royal rounds.

Event & Class pre-registration required (postmarked by August 31st); follow Registration Instructions at http://www.currentmiddleages.org/archeryacademy/, or contact the Autocrat.

AUTOCRAT: Ersebet Janos, istp.archer@gmail.com.

SITE INFO: The site is PGE Trojan Park, Rainier, OR. Gate opens 3:30PM Friday, closes 2:30PM Sunday. Fee: $12/Adults (ages 18 up); $8/Youths (12-17 yrs.); $5/Children (6-11 yrs.); 5 yrs & under free. Day-Tripping fee: $10/Adults, and above prices for the rest. Non-member surcharge of $3. Make checks payable to SCA Inc., Barony of Three Mountains. Discreetly wet. Mundane alcohol, fire and leash laws strictly followed. STANDING WATER ON SITE: PARENTS WATCH YOUR CHILDREN. Do Not Drive on the Grass! We encourage you to bring a wagon, dolly or cart.

MERCHANTS: There is space for five merchants, contact the Autocrat for approval. $18 Merchant Fee.

DIRECTIONS: From North: Take best route to I-5 south. Take exit 36 to merge onto Tennant Way/WA-332 W towards Industrial Areas/US-30. Continue on Lewis & Clark Bridge into Oregon. Merge onto US-30. Turn left at park entrance at milepost 41. Follow SCA signs. From South: Take best route to I-5 north. Take exit 299B on the left to merge onto I-405 north toward Beaverton/US26 W/City Center; take exit 3 to merge onto US-30 W and St. Helens; take a slight right at NW St. Helens Rd/US-30 and continue to follow US-30 to milepost 41; turn right into park entrance and follow SCA signs Location:
Trojan Park: Rainier, Oregon