[MER] Universitas Meridies

I ask for a moment of your time to share with you all the wonderful things happening two weeks from now. At that time, we will be celebrating the University's yearly event — Universitas Meridies, held this year on July 18-20 at Martin Methodist College in Pulaski, TN.

I am especially excited because we have so many things to offer to make this a truly enjoyable event. We have 66 (!) amazing classes, air-conditioned classrooms, air-conditioned dorm rooms, heavy fighting and rapier classes in the morning, martial theory and history classes in the afternoon, and the world-renown hospitality and cooking skills of the Shire of Glaedenfeld. What more could anyone ask?

This year, our Meridian Medieval Military College is offering some exciting classes with a new format: They will be sponsoring heaving weapons and rapier classes on the green outside in the morning (so bring armor!), and in the heat of the afternoon, martial classes will be offered inside in the air-conditioning. For the other colleges, we will be offering classes on a wide variety of subject that will enlighten, intrigue, and entertain you. We are thrilled and blessed by all the wonderful teachers who have volunteered their time and knowledge.

I did want to explain to those who might be hesitant about joining us a little about the site price structure. This site is new to us, and this event could be considered a trial run at it. In my search for a site that offers air-conditioning to ease the discomfort of holding a summer event in the Deep South, I found that those sites are far, few, and very expensive. This one fit our needs, but is still more than we are used to paying for a site in this kingdom. In an attempt to ease the financial burden of those attending, we decided to split apart the costs and charge for bedspace separately. That way, the bedspace cost was borne only by those actually using it. It is still much cheaper than two nights in a motel, and allows us to offer overnight space to those who need it. If you have any further questions about the event or the cost of lodging, please feel free to contact the Autocrat Mistress Stephanie of Nethywode at pinkpelican@comcast.net or myself at rumchancellor@yahoo.com. Either one of us will be happy to address any questions you have.

I am very proud of what we have to offer our discerning populous this year, and am graced indeed with an awesome hosting group. I promise you that the Shire of Glaedenfeld is doing everything possible to insure that your experience at Universitas Meridies this year is one that you will remember with a glad heart.

In loyal service,

Dame Morgina d'Anjou Location:
Shire of Glaedenfeld (Pulaski, Tennessee)