[OUT] Dragonsspine Arts & Sciences

Dragonsspine A&S Champion, Arts and Sciences Display, Baroness' Prize, Populace Choice, and Novice Competition September 27, 2008

Place: Black Forest Community Center, Black Forest, CO
Time: Doors open at 10am, close at 6pm

Directions: From the north or south, take I-25 to Interquest Parkway. Take the Interquest exit and stay on Interquest until you get to Shoup Rd. Turn right onto Shoup. Take Shoup to Black Forest Road, turn left onto Black Forest, and the Community center is the wood building on the left.

THL Kiara Loftus, therese5142004@yahoo.com
THL Bronwen of Hindscroft, welshwmn3@gmail.com

Site fee: $10 for adult members; $5 children 6-12; 5 and under guests of the Barony. Add $3 for Non-Member Surcharge

There will be a donation lunch, proceeds to benefit the winter fighter practice site fund.

The Barony of Dragonsspine invites one and all to their annual A&S Champion Competition, A&S Display, Baroness�� Prize and Populace Choice Competition!

Calling all Artisans, Scientists and Brewers! Come and join the Barony of Dragonsspine for a day of Arts and Sciences display and competition. Display your art or science, display your knowledge, and have fun talking and networking with other artisans and scientists. There are four competitions scheduled for the day: Baronial A&S Champion, Baroness' Prize, Populous Choice, and a Novice Competition.

The Baronial A&S Competition is open to all who wish to enter. The championship will only be awarded to a Dragonsspinian. This competition will be patterned after the Kingdom A&S rule: you must enter 3 separate entries in 2 separate divisions. Documentation is required, and judging will be based on Kingdom scoring sheets.

Minimal Documentation is needed for the Baroness Prize, Populace Choice, and Novice Competitions. The only documentation needed for these competitions is what can fit on a 3" by 5" card (what the piece is, what culture/country it is from, what time period it is from, and who the piece belongs to). Of course, if you have lots of documentation and want to bring it, please do!

The Novice Competition is for anybody who��s been doing an art or science for 2 years or less. This is the place to bring out the new things you've been learning how to do, but aren't quite ready for a Baronial or Kingdom Champion competition yet.

And of course, there is also a display.�� If you wish to not enter any of the competitions, just bring your A&S articles and display them and have fun showing what you are doing, and talking with others who are doing the same as you are!

There will be a brewer's portion of the event!! Please keep in mind you MUST BE 21 or older to participate in the brewing competition or judging. The only alcohol allowed on site is that which is entered in the brewing competition.

Besides the plethora of competitions there will be classes on many different things. We will also have round table discussions hosted by the peers of Dragonsspine on what it means to be a peer and what are peer qualities. If you are interested in teaching please contact our class coordinator, THL Lofsige Caoimh (Lyssa) at leofsige@gmail.com. Location:
Barony of Dragonsspine (Black Forest, Colorado)