[LOC] St Catherine's Faire

Anna de Witte and myself, Caterine de Vantier, of the bountiful Barony of Ildhafn, wish to advertise to you that the annual celebration known as St Catherine's Faire, will in this year (Anno Societas 43) be held over the summer months, from the date of Friday the 5th of December to the date of Sunday the 7th of December.

The event will be located at the fine venue of Motu Moana, in the coastal area of Ildhafn known as Blockhouse Bay.

The event will encompass all the finer attributes of the 16th century: War, intrigue, dance, gluttony, debauchery.... We mean, *ahem*, a fine array of western combative forms, learning in the various arts and sciences, chivalry, courtesy, dancing, feasting, and much general merriment, appropriate for both young and old alike.

Booking and payment details will follow shortly. If you wish to know more before this time, or wish to offer help, or indicate your intention of attending this fine event, feel free to contact us at dragonfish.dance@gmail.com for further information. We would advise you to note down the dates of this event now, to ensure that your calendar is fully cleared of other, lesser activities in preparation to attend this mighty event. Location:
Barony of Ildhafn (Auckland, New Zealand)