[ATE] Chocolate Revel

Once again our explorers have braved the wilds of the New World to bring back that wondrous delicacy – CHOCOLATE!!! Due to our continued and deepening friendship with a small and extremely secretive tribe, the Oompah’s, you will be able to taste chocolate in as way that no others across Europe have yet been able to produce. The Oompah’s are the only ones to have uncovered the secret of sweetening the cocoa bean.

The College of Brymstonne is happy to announce that this year’s Chocolate Revel will be held at a new and MUCH larger site!! The revel will be held at the Fountain Hills Community Center (13001 N. La Montana Drive, Fountain Hills, AZ 85268). This site has plenty of space for dancing, games, and seating for all! Please join us on Saturday September 20th from 1pm – 9pm to enjoy this scrumptious treat and great fun!

Attention all Artists!
Brymstonne will be holding our 5th annual Un-Finished A&S competition! The rules are simple:

  1. The item must be unfinished and appropriate for within the SCA period.
  2. The item can not have been entered in a previous Brymstonne Un-Finished competition.
  3. The documentation must include the following: When it was started, what it will be when finished, and why it hasn’t been completed.

There will be awards given to the following: 1 – Item the populace would most like to see finished, 2 – Best reason why your project isn’t finished, and 3 – Item that has been neglected the longest.

Brymstonne would also like to encourage all those budding artists that we are confident reside within this great Kingdom. Therefore, we will also be holding a separate Novice A&S competition. This competition is open to anyone that has NEVER competed in any A&S competition in the past (Kingdom, Baronial, Shire, etc). The purpose is to allow those that have not competed in the past an opportunity to show our fair Kingdom what wonders they have been working on. An award will be given to the populace choice for the Best Novice entry.

Bring on the Bards!
This year will also see the return of the Bardic Garden. Last year’s performances were amazing and we’d love to invite all Bards to please so honor us again. The populace will be given tokens to bestow upon their favorite Bards. An award will be given to the Bard with the most tokens. Please contact M'Lady Viola verch Howell (bardandquill@yahoo.com) for further details.

Calling all Cooks!
We hereby challenge all cooks in this Great Kingdom to try your hand at some friendly competition. The challenge is quite simple; bring your finest chocolate desert, non-chocolate desert, or best edible display to be judged by the populace. Awards will be given in each of the three categories. All guests that bring an item(s) will receive a $1 discount per person!

Don’t forget the Dancing!
And of course, no Brymstonne Chocolate Revel would be complete without DANCING!! And lots of it! Once again we will have live musicians to inspire all those dancing shoes and merry jigs! Please don’t let lack of knowledge keep you from joining in. There will be a Dance Mistress to explain the steps and encourage you along the way.

Equine Entertainment as Well!
Every once in a while the musicians will need a breather (and a chance to fill up on chocolate themselves) but fear not, the fun will still go on! The Brymstonne Stables will be available for those brave enough to take on the challenge of noodle jousting! What is that you ask…….join us and find out!

Fabulous Food
As wonderful as chocolate is, it is necessary to add a bit of substance to the fare. Once again the renown cooks of Brymstonne will be offering tidbits to tempt the tongue. There will be a buffet served throughout the event to help temper the sugar buzz so please bring your feast gear. The buffet table will be continuously resupplied from 3:00pm to 7:00pm so please don’t fear lack of nourishment.

Site Fees (Site and sideboard are included in the fee):
Adult with proof of current membership: $12.00
Adult without proof of current membership: $15.00
Youth 5 to 17: $6.00
Youth under 5: Free

Please keep an eye out for further details on fee payment and event information on your local lists, Southwind, Baronial newsletter, and the Brymstonne website (www.brymstonne.org)

Event Stewards:
Lady Selina Trastamara de Luna (lady_selina@cox.net )
Lord Fearghus Remahar mac Mhoail Domhnaich mhic Thoridhealbnach (fearghusmacmaoildomhnaich@gmail.com)

Feast Steward:
Lady Freydis in kyrra Alfarinsdottir (sharrie85211@yahoo.com) Location:
College of Brymstonne (Fountain Hills, Arizona)