[DRA] R³: Rothenburg Riddle Rampage

Do you remember the good old days of Turmstadt's golden harvests, when you were sent through thickets and underbrush to match your wits with mud puddles and manic marshals? These days are back...with a vengeance!

Turmstadt proudly announces the R³ - Rothenburg Riddle Rampage. We have regrouped and relocated to a campground right next to the beautiful medieval town of "Rothenburg ob der Tauber" in northwestern Bavaria , one of the biggest tourist attractions for the historically inclined (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rothenburg_ob_der_Tauber) . From there, we will hand you a haversack with provisions for the day and send you on a scavenger hunt to complete various cunning puzzles and obscure tasks to win the ultimate prize - namely, to decide what is supposed to happen to Nebelwald's precious banner, which is currently in Turmstadt's possession!

So, put on your hiking boots and robust garb (you will find yourself on an extended walk through the city, though not exactly a forced march), bring sunshade and, should worst come to worst, be prepared for inclement weather, when you will find out what diabolical and fiendish plans the event crew has in store for you... (Those not inclined to take the grand tour will be given tasks to complete on site to support their side.)

On Saturday evening, there will be a great barbecue on the campsite for the survivors to celebrate and revel. Sunday morning will see salvaging teams combing the city for lost participants.

*Event Steward:*
Frau Anna Syveken
syveken at yahoo dot de

*Gambling Master:*
Freiherr Agilmar von Sevelingen
elvogt at gmx dot net

*Head Cook:*
Lord Robyn of Rye
robyn_of_rye at yahoo dot de

We will offer a fireplace and firewood on Saturday evening as well as a possibility to cool meat etc. during the day. At Saturday evening there will be a potluck barbecue; please bring your own food and beverages for this occasion.

*Site Information: *
Campingplatz Tauberromantik, Detwang 39, D - 91541 Detwang
The site is located some 20 - 30 minutes walking distance north west of Rothenburg ob der Tauber. For shuttle information from the train station in Rothenburg as well as other requests for directions please get in contact with Frau Anna. For more information about the site please have a look at: http://www.camping-tauberromantik.de (English and German) The site offers some holiday flats as well as a dorm room, more possibilities for an overnight stay (should you not want to use a tent) you can find and book yourself at: http://www.rothenburg.de/index.php?get=1304. The Site is discreetly wet, smoking is allowed out of sight (i.e. near the washing room), you may (and should) bring your own drinks for Saturday evening if you don’t want to buy them in town or at the shop at the campground, dogs are allowed.

*Site Opening Times*
Friday, August 22nd 6pm – Sunday, August 24th 12pm 2008

Please register by sending an Email to Frau Anna announcing the details of your stay (That is: name, contact data, time of arrival and departure, tent size and number of people, as well as food or medical restrictions you might want to tell).

Please tell us about your participation as soon as possible; but at latest 5 days before the event so we can plan for food. If you turn up without a reservation you will get to eat whatever is left over (note by your head cook). Location:
Shire of Turmstadt (Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany)