[AET] Central Region Fight Practice

On Saturday July 12, 2008 Count Duncan von Halstern and Countess Ilish O'Donovan will be hosting a regional fight practice on their newly acquired land, sponsored by the Shire of Stormsport (1219 Lake St. Lake City, Pa 16423).

The days activities will start at 10am and end around 6pm. Please feel free to bring your day shades and a picnic lunch, water and gatorade will be provided. Although we will not be having children's activities, we have a large back yard for playing in.

We will be working on field and bridge battles. The plan is to strengthen our basics with drills and exercises. My hope is to get more intensity back into our engagements. There will be time for working on your tourney game as well. Room will be set aside for youth fighting if marshals are available. We plan on having authorizations during the day, this is one of your last chances to authorize before Pennsic.

Site -
1219 Lake St
Lake City Pa, 16423 Location:
Shire of Stormsport (Lake City, Pennsylvania)