Was King Arthur French?

King Arthur might have been French. Heresy? Not according to the organizers of "King Arthur: A Legend in the Making," a medievalists' conference at Rennes University. Many of the Arthurian tales are set in Brittany in the north of France.

From the article:

Sir Lancelot, the best known of Arthur's Knights of the Round Table, was said to have been raised in the mysterious Broceliande forest in the heart of Brittany by Viviane, the Lady of the Lake who kidnapped him as a young child. Arthur's diabolical half sister, the sorceress Morgan Le Fay, also had a secret hideaway on the Brittany coast.

Some texts even suggest that the mystical Island of Avalon, said to be Arthur's final resting place, is in fact the Isle of Aval in northern Brittany.

Hilariously poor article

Hilariously poor article written by a journo with no clue. Sound familiar?