Pre-registration is now open for Great Western War XI

THL Matheus Reyner, Publicity Steward for the Great Western War XI, shares several announcements regarding the upcoming War. Pre-registration is now open.

October 8-13, 2008

Visit the Wars website for complete details:

Merchant information now online!

Armoured Combat:
Schedules and descriptions for the Armored Combat fields (both battles and tournaments) are now available:

Arts and Sciences
It is not too early to consider teaching a class or two at Great Western War XI. If you are interested in teaching, please fill out the class proposal form, and email it to Lady Elyn de Haoucmore, Arts and Sciences Steward at . Please note that the deadline for class submissions is August 10, 2008.

Pre-registration will be open from June 1 through August 31st. Any pre-registration postmarked after August 31, 2008 will be returned to the sender. Please do not send anything requiring a signature as it will not be accepted.

LAND Pre-Registration information will be forthcoming, and is NOT the same as Gate Pre-Registration

Details for bringing horses to CA and the Equestrian Schedule are available.

You've heard the old saying that "many hands make light work." Please consider donating a few hours of your time to volunteer at the war. In addition to helping to make it a memorable event you will earn a monetary donation to your favorite SCA territory.

Rapier Combat
Schedules and descriptions for the Rapier Combat fields (both battles and tournaments) are now available.

Hound Coursing
"Known as the "Queen's Sport," hound coursing was enjoyed throughout the middle ages by royalty and nobles alike. People would follow the hunt on horseback or watch from the ground, cheering on their favorite hounds as they darted and dashed in pursuit of the hare.

Special Events
We have some very cool Special Events happening at GWW this year including an open Middle Eastern Drum and Dance Circle, hosted by Her Grace Faizeh (more details forthcoming), and The annual Taste of Caid for those who want to sample the creations of our most talented brewers.

Other Special Events include:

  • The Open Arms Bardic Hall which will host performances by the most gifted and talented singers, storytellers, musicians, dancers, entertainers and bards of the Knowne World. Come and listen to stories told of dragons and magic. Marvel at the beauty of a dance or a haunting song of love. Clap your hands and sing loudly to a familiar tune. Enjoy an afternoon filled with mirth, courtly love and tales of lore. There will be a rehearsal for the Caid Choir and a performance as well. Performers are welcome to sign up here and perform, too.

  • There will be a Page School for slightly older children, and we are hoping to have the Wool to Whatever contest this year.

  • A Hammer-In will also be taking place, and we are working on getting some meet and greets together for various groups.

  • And more to be announced in the coming months!

Planning a wedding or other special event at GWW XI? Do you want to host a tourney, party, or event that will be open to the general populace? Do you want a little more advertising for it? Please contact Lady Catherine Ainsdale of Lancashire, Special Events Steward, for details.