[LOC] One Good Turn Deserves Another

Suth Guild Hall in conjunction with The Woodworkers Guild Presents: "One Good Turn Deserves Another - A day of Wood Turning."

Learn the basic elements of this age-old craft. Add extra skills to your woodworking. Develop techniques to make different types of SCA gear.

How can this mighty challenge happen?
Using various resources within the region encompassed by the Suth Guild, the Esteemed Brother Waldo Turner (Member or the Embittered Poor) will be providing instruction on the day. There will be at least three wood turning lathes and ancillary equipment available on the day and instruction will be provided by him and his little helpers on their use.

Topics covered will possibly include:

  • Planning the job
  • Selection of timbers.
  • Stock Preparation
  • Spindle Mounting
  • Face Mounting
  • Chuck Mounting
  • Lathe operation
  • Roughing Out
  • Chisel Selection
  • Sharpening Techniques
  • Turning Techniques
  • Finishing

Workshop Safety:
The carpentry workshop is a potentially dangerous place.

Participants should wear suitable footwear and clothing. Wood turning generates a considerable amount of wood shavings, fibrous particles and dust. Dust coats, aprons and headwear are good outer garments for wood turning.

Eye, Ear and Breath protection.
Some safety gear will be provided. Participants who bring their own protection will be appreciated. Goggles, Earplugs, Earmuffs and Dustmasks are good to bring if you have them.

If you are interested, Please book your place using the contact details below. Numbers are limited to those who wish to get their hands dirty. Everyone will be free to take home as much sawdust as they like.

If you have timber you've been saving with a turning project in mind, then by all means bring it, but this is not essential. There will be enough timber on hand for everyone to have a go at something, but we may not have the perfect piece for you dream project.

When: Sunday 13th of July (just over 3 weeks away)
Time: 10am till Dominos
Place: "House of Bear and Noodle"
10 Pyne Street
Caulfield South. (Hint: 2 doors from the 7-11)
Melways ref: 68 A4
(Melbourne Victoria)

Bookings, Questions and Further information to
Waldo Turner
C/O Mr Irvine

Bookings to be received no later than Saturday 12th of July.

A cost of $2.78 will be levied against each participant to cover consumables.

If there is suitable interest, Further Wood Turning Days may be considered.

A Suth Guild Hall Production in the Barony of Stormhold. Location:
Barony of Stormhold (Melbourne, Victoria)