[MER] Arabian Nights

Come one come all to the 30th anniversary of the Shire of Arenal celebrated at Arabian Nights this July 4th and 5th, in Pensacola FL. This year's theme is A Mongol's Paradise XXXanadu! We are focusing on the melding of cultures resulting from the Mongol invasion of the Arabs in the 13th century.

The traditional Lion of the Desert double elimination tourney and Lord Malcolm Mcphee light weapons Rose Tourney will be held on Saturday. For those Renaissances warriors out there we have the Iron Warrior competition, prove your prowess in Heavy, Light and Archery competitions. Don't forget the youth combat as well. Friday night will be open pick ups for heavy weapons and the tavern brawl for light weapons.

***Siege Engine Symposium*** Calling all siege engineers, bring out your dastardly implements of destruction! We will have a meet and greet where you can exchange ideas with other engineers followed up with a show off exhibition. Lets just say originality counts for everything in this competition.

There is a full line up of Art Sci classes: Basic Heraldry for Fighters, Assasins, Make and Take Table Onager, How to Build a Yurt, Construction of a Mongolian Bow and Mongolian Rope Braiding. As always the children's area will feature fun and educational activities provided by the lovely and resourceful Lady Madalena Sartore and Alienora de Rowan and their hard working crew.

Last but not least the dance line up, three new teachers with three specialties!

Atira of Atira Arts Studios in Robertsdale AL, will be teaching basic Choreography and Sword Dance (don't forget your swords!).

Kira, of Savannah, GA will be teaching Tang Dynasty Classical Chinese Long Sleeve Court dance movements, Mongolian Ceremonial Tea cup dance and Chinese folk dance movements and Friday night How to incorporate Chinese dance movements into your ME dance vocabulary.

**PETITE JAMILLA of the BELLY DANCE SUPERSTARS** will be offering two 2 hour workshops, one on dance fundamentals and the second on her specialty the double veil. These two workshops will be offered for a class fee of $20 per person per class. I highly recommend taking advantage of this offer to learn from such a master of her art!

Feast will be provided by Lord Lorcan Flaherty, Lady Errannach O'Flaherty and Lady Jaquette D'Anjou. Come sit under the pleasure dome and enjoy a feast fit for the Khan and expect to be entertained!

For pricing, directions and general info please visit the web site http://www.shireofarenal.com/arabianhome.html

This year's Arabian Nights is our 30th Anniversary, we are most proud to be Meridian and heartily wish to share this special event with all our brothers and sisters in the Great Kingdom of Meridies. Location:
Shire of Arenal (Pensacola, Florida)