Pennsic: Firewood quarantine

Mistress Jessa d'Avondale, webmaster, reports that last year's Pennsylvania firewood quarantine is still in effect.

Mistress Jessa writes:

Pennsic travelers, please take note --

The Pennsic Information Services staff has just confirmed that the firewood quarantine from last year is still in effect in PA. The only hardwood firewood you can bring into Pennsylvania is packaged, labeled, kiln-dried firewood. There are additional restrictions if you are transporting firewood within PA.

Firewood purchased locally must be left behind when you return home.

For details, please see

Please share this information with others who may not be on the list.

Mistress Jessa d'Avondale webmaster

Emerald Ash Bore

Please be aware that this is NOT a temporary condition. The only way to keep the damage contained is to not bring it into uncontaminated areas. This critter is moving west, through ignorance, killing every tree they take up residence in. Moving ANY item that could harbor it is akin to dropping a match in the woods. You WILL be responsible for the destruction of those trees.

Educate yourself and educate others. This is a permanent situation.