[ATL] Sacred Stone Baronial Birthday

Turn not a blind eye to the splendid Phoenix and her fiery light, for she brings you tidings of welcome and cheer! Join our Baron and Baronne, Marc & Alianor, and the noble populace, at the end of the last week of the hottest month, as we break from our daily labors to gather in celebration of the 26th anniversary of the glorious Barony of Sacred Stone.

Just as might, grace and beauty of the Phoenix is forged in the fire, so too are the champions of our beloved Barony. Only those few who can withstand the heat of competition shall earn the right to proclaim themselves, Champions of Sacred Stone. As is tradition in our fine Barony, each year at the anniversary of it's creation, champions are chosen in the following martial and fine arts categories:
Heavy Fighting * Rapier Fighting * Adult Archery * Youth Heavy Fighting * Youth Archery * * A&S * Bardic * Baking * Scribal Arts*

Those who wish to put themselves to the test, and represent the Barony of Sacred Stone in any of these categories please contact the Baronne of Sacred Stone, Matresse Alianor atte Red Swanne at: redswanne@gmail.com

*Martial & A&S Activities:
*There will be plenty of additional activities for those who do not wish to enter the competitions for Baronial Champion. There will be counted blows tournaments to challenge both heavy and light weapons fighters, as well as equestrian, archery and thrown weapons activities. For those in the populace who place appearance on a pedestal we have the Haberdashery Competition. Bring your tallest, widest, and most ornate hats and head coverings. For those will ink and paint in there veins, we put forth a challenge, bring forth a patent so that we may judge their claim of nobility. The subject need not be you, heck they don't even need to be real! Your challenge is to make us believe!

*Baronesa Gracia Esperanca de Sevilla will be serving a feast for 60 fortunate people. This is a meal not to be missed! With Elchenburg castle as a backdrop, heralds to announce your presence, and a menu to delight the palate, you will find yourself transported back to the French courts of love. Please note that feast will be sold through pre-reg only and is expected to sell out very quickly.**

*Adult, Member*
$10.00 Day-Trip
$0.00 Camping
$7.00 Feast

*Adult, Non-Member*
$13.00 Day-Trip
$0.00 Camping
$7.00 Feast

*Youth (ages 12-17)*
$5.00 Day-Trip
$0.00 Camping
$7.00 Feast

*Child (ages 11 & under)*
$0.00 Day-Trip
$0.00 Camping
$7.00 Feast

* Make all checks payable to: *Barony of Sacred Stone, SCA, Inc.
Cost Notes: *There is no cost for camping at this event. Children under 12 are guests of the Barony. Feast is being sold by PRE-REG ONLY. Feast spaces are sold by seat not age, the price is the same regardless of age.**

Reservations: *Estevan Perez estevan@triad.rr.com

*Site: *Castle
Elchenburg (Triplette Farm)
2239 Center Rd.
Booneville, NC 27011

*Merchant space is available. Please contact Johannas at hellcat_m320@yahoo.com to reserve a space.

*Murienne of Hindscroft Email: dragonfly78@gmail.com / albina.gherardi@gmail.com

For additional information on all the activities planned for this event visit: http://sacredstone.atlantia.sca.org/ssbb08.html Location:
Barony of Sacred Stone (Booneville, North Carolina)