[OUT] Glory XI

Glory XI - Vikings vs. Saxons Wednesday, July 2nd - Sunday, July 6th

LCCC Vedauwoo Natural History Site,
Buford Wyoming

Hosted by the Barony of Unser Hafen

Vikings invade England
In Summer, 1015, a Viking army under the command of King Canute sails from Denmark to attack England. 200 longships carrying 10,000 warriors round Kent, pass through the English Channel, sail West past Cornwall, then up the Avon river to Bristol, where they make landfall and establish a base from which to conquer all of England. As winter sets in, the Vikings have gained control of all Wessex...

London Beseiged
In July, 1016, Canute sails up the Thames to lay siege to London, hoping to overcome the last Saxon resistance to Danish rule over England. When King Æthelred the Unready dies, it falls to the young Saxon King Edmund II "Ironside" to face the invaders. He marches forth from London before the siege can be closed, and the armies clash on the plains...

Come take part in this epic struggle for control of England. Will history repeat itself with Canute taking the throne of England, or can the Saxon army repel the invaders? Fighters, fencers, and archers will be divided up into a team of Viking invaders and a team of Saxon defenders. Combat archers and siege engines welcome!!

Take your best route to I-80 in Wyoming. Take exit #335 (Buford) and turn to the North. Follow the road to the right at the mailboxes and continue on the dirt road for 4.4 miles. The road can be very rough with steep hills, deep washboards and ruts. Please drive slowly and carefully. There will be an SCA sign at the turnoff. Turn into the campground on the left. Parking is on a meadow and somewhat limited, so please be polite and careful when parking.

Site Environment
The average daytime temperature of this area in July is in the 80-90s, and a brief afternoon rain shower is common. Please keep yourself hydrated and sunscreened. As this is a wilderness area, please be aware of the local wildlife and plant life. We are in the mountains, and the site is VERY dry. Please think ahead in regards to personal needs. There is no cutting of trees/branches/shrubs, but grass and scrub can be cleared to flatten out tent space. If you dig a hole, fill it back in.

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Barony of Unser Hafen (Buford, Wyoming)