[ATL] TNT 14 -- Treaties Not Turks

TNT 14 -- Treaties Not Turks / The First Crusade Arrives in Constantinople. It's autumn of 1096 and we're in Constantinople, the capital of a mighty empire that considers itself the successor to Rome as the center of learning and culture. As the western endpoint of the Silk Road and other caravan routes, and a major seaport, it's also a major crossroads for commerce.

DATE: October 24-26, 2008
SITE: Camp Spencer at Broad Creek Memorial Scout Reservation 1738 Peach Orchard Road, Street Maryland 21154 (same place we hosted May Crown in 2003).

Last year (in 1095) Emperor Alexius Comnenus asked the Pope for help fighting Turks who had conquered some of the Empire's subject cities in Asia Minor. What the Pope sent are Western Europeans of every nationality who are expecting the Emperor, as a fellow Christian, to support their effort to liberate Jersusalem from it?s Saracen owners.

So who's here? Just the French, English, Scots, Irish, Welsh, Italians, Germans, Spanish, Norse (some of whom are serving as the Emperor's personal guards), as well as Greeks, Russians, Poles, Slavs of every kind, Rom, merchants and mercenaries from the empires farther East, and Saracen (and Turkish) envoys. There are traders from every land, as well as doctors, scholars, churchmen, astrologers, sages, scribes, pilgrims, animal trainers, sailors, and, oh yes, a few (40,000) crusaders.

Martial activities: Selection of the new Bright Hills Heavy, Rapier, Archery, and Equestrian champions. Rapier events will feature several melee scenarios including woods, tavern and the time-honored Melee for Chocolate. Equestrian questions should be directed to Lady Nem. Her email address is: nrf642002@yahoo.com.

A&S activities: Selection of the new baronial Artisan, Brewer, and Bard, along with other contests and classes to be announced later. An original board game, featuring many of the varied forces in Constantinople, will be available in the "Sekunjabin Tavern" for play by children of all sizes. Tavern space will also be available for bards to congregate, sing, swap stories, share songs and brew mischief.

Children's activities: will be available during the day. The traditional Children's Feast/Halloween Party (including a pinata) will be held during the adult feast.

Merchants are welcome, and should contact Lady Livia di Samuel, at abramsonsm@comcast.net

The Saturday lunch (included in the site fee) and the evening feast will be prepared by the famed Bright Hills Cooks Guild. For modest additional charges you can also purchase a spaghetti supper on Friday evening and breakfast on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

For those attending the feast, please bring treats to appease the small gremlins, goblins, ghosts and jinn who will trick-or-treat the hall.

Adult Member: Site-$13/ Adult Feast-$7/ Dorm Bed-$10/ Camping-$0/
Adult Nonmember: Site-$16/ Adult Feast-$7/ Dorm Bed-$10/ Camping--$0/
Youth (6-17): Site-$7/ Adult Feast-$7/ Children?s Feast-$5/ Dorm Bed-$10/ Camping-$0/
Child (0-5): Site-$0/ Adult Feast-$7/ Children?s Feast-$5/ Dorm Bed-$10/ Camping-$0/
No family (of parents and children) shall pay more than $40 total in site fees.
Please make checks payable to SCA Inc. - Barony of Bright Hills.

Total refunds will be available if the reservationist or autocrat receive your request by October 15. Onsite feast refunds are available ONLY if we are able to resell your seat.

Lord Magnus MacTagart Email: William_Becker@hotmail.com

Autocrat: Lady Yseulte Trevelyn Email: brunosharpy@yahoo.com

Site Notes: This site is DRY, since it is a Boy Scout camp. No smoking in any building. Pets are permitted if leashed and cleaned up after. For those staying the weekend, we have 46 bunk beds in one of four bedrooms in a heated dorm with spacious bathrooms complete with hot showers and outlets, or free camping space. There are fireplaces in the feast hall, the dorm, and in the covered pavilion, and we will have a supply of firewood. No gathering firewood on site.

Except for marked handicapped spaces, the parking area nearest to the list field will be reserved for a loading zone. Location:
Barony of Bright Hills (Street, Maryland)