Volunteers needed for Pennsic Children's Fete

Baroness Hanim Kisaiya Zingara reports that volunteers are needed for the Pennsic Children's Fete which will take place Wednesday August 6, 2008 from 1:00 until 4:00 p.m. (Click "original article" below for more details)>

Her Excellency writes:

We are still in great need of volunteers to run activities at the Pennsic Children's Fete. We are looking for artisans of all kinds. We need performers to entertain, we need craftsmen to teach, we need runners and aides. If you can paint faces; make cool things with clay, string, wood, leather, etc.; make balloon animals; throw things; draw; dance; sing; make puppets; decorate anything; or you just want to be a part of something that has meaning, please contact me!! This event cannot happen without all the lovely folks who are willing to donate a few hours to the cause.

Please drop me a line at baronesskisaiya@yahoo.com and tell me how you are willing to help. You can run an activity or just help out with one already scheduled. You can help at troll, you can help water bear, or just help with set up and take down. We need you!!

Thank you.

Hanim Kisaiya Zingara
Duchess Isabel Grimault
Nina of Bright Hills