"Killer Icon" Removed from St. Petersburg's Hermitage

Pravda: A "biofield" surrounding an icon housed in the Hermitage Museum caused weakness, headaches and high blood pressure, leading to the artwork's removal from public display. Russian professor Boris Sapunov has a theory. He believes the Hermitage's "Killer Icon," which seems to leave visitors feeling weak, is surrounded by a "biofield," a type of radiation which could affect an individual's psychological or physical state.

The icon has been removed from the museum, but that has not kept researchers from attempting to figure out its mystery. Vyacheslav Gubanov, a physician, has been conducting experiments on a photograph of the icon and concludes that the picture is not evil.

"This is a wonderful icon, a very powerful one, he says. "It is not guilty of making people feel bad. It produces the power, which makes the human brain vibrate at a high frequency. Not every human being can stand that. Most likely, the icon was meant for the elite, not for common people. There is no mysticism about it, everything can be explained with physics."

For now, the icon and its "biofield" remain out of the public eye.